What is Fanbse, And How To Invest In It?

Fanbase is a brand new platform in social media, enabling creatives to earn revenue from their content and earn regular income through their ‘fanbase.’ As an entrepreneur and founder of Fanbase, Isaac Hayes III sought to bridge the gap between traditional social networking sites and the monetization features of subscription-based services, thus producing a service that combines both advantages.

Using the platform is similar to working on a social network for posting photos, videos, and live streams that users can share with their followers to access for free on the platform, but they can also earn revenue by posting exclusive content followers can access for a fee. 

The platform has a wide range of possibilities for posting types of content, similar to other platforms, but Fanbase offers subscription options, which include a free, basic subscription and a higher paid subscription to access more content.

How Do Artists Make Money?

The Fanbase app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google. It has an easy-to-navigate interface and an easy-to-manage app similar in some ways to Instagram. The site allows anyone to post content free of charge; meanwhile, subscribers can subscribe to exclusive content by paying $3.99 per month. The subscription packs can also be purchased for three people at $11.00 a month and five people at $19.99 a month. 

Every month, Fanbase splits the revenue earned 50/50 with creators. The money is deposited on the first of each month into your bank account. As a prerequisite for receiving money from the app, you will need to provide your banking information along with some tax information.

Fanbase allows you to ‘Like’ posts like you do on Instagram, as well as ‘Love’ them. A like is free, while love gives the content creator half a penny for showing their appreciation.

The Fanbase platform allows you to upload photos, 30-second videos, and 10-second stories. It is important to note that any exclusive photos you provide to subscribers must be content you have created. Otherwise, posting another person’s or another’s content could lead it to be flagged and removed. In addition, no X-rated or violent content is allowed, as well as any other content that does not comply with the site’s terms of service

The app also has the advantage of being able to import content from Instagram and TikTok directly into it. Hence, if you already post on those platforms, Fanbase may already pay you for your posts!


The Fanbase social media platform has proven to be extremely beneficial to artists and creators of all kinds. Everyone should join and start making money from the content they already post on other social media sites. 

It is especially important for independent artists to have multiple streams of revenue so that they can survive. Not only is Fanbase a great platform for growing your following, but it now allows artists to be paid directly through the platform — something we have not seen on other popular social networks before. 

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