What Is Auto-invest On M1 Finance?

Do you wonder why set-it-and-forget-it investing has become so popular? This is probably because trying to time the market is usually a waste of time. The downside almost always outweighs the reward. That’s why M1 Finance auto investment is so in demand!

An M1 Finance auto-investment feature ensures that your money is constantly growing in your portfolio. By building your portfolio according to your investing preferences, you can be sure that your money is moving in the direction you intended without thinking about it. You don’t have to guess or calculate anything. The best investment opportunities are right at your fingertips!

Is M1 Finance auto-invest something you’d like to explore further? Let’s get started!

Is M1 Finance Auto Invest a Good Investment?

Investing accounts are fraught with horror stories: someone sets up an investment account. Time passes by in a matter of months, years, or even decades. In the end, the investor discovered that the money had been sitting idle in an account for months with no investment.

The auto-invest feature of M1 Finance prevents this from happening. The benefits of auto investing include ensuring that you always grow your wealth. M1 Invest uses pies to design portfolios according to your goals, timeline, and tolerance for risk. 

The auto-invest feature ensures that when you deposit money into your account, it will automatically be invested in your pie. There’s nothing else you need to do! A set-and-forget investment, this is what it means.

It is common for M1 Finance users to leave this feature on. In what way does it work? As soon as you have $25 or more deposited into your M1 Invest account, the money is deposited into your investment account by M1 Finance.

For example, you have recurring deposits set up for every biweekly paycheck. Your deposit is $250 every two weeks. Whenever auto-invest is enabled, your money is automatically deposited into your portfolio, which is allocated in accordance with your wishes and goals when creating your portfolio.

This money would be sitting on the sidelines without auto-invest. There is sometimes a strategy behind that. Often, however, it ends up being a sad cautionary tale for investors who miss out on the growth of the market.

Adjusting Auto Invest Minimum Cash Balance

Default auto-invest settings are set up to ensure that once your account reaches $25, an investment is automatically made.

When you have a $0 minimum cash balance, your money is automatically sent to your investing accounts. You will then have no cash on hand.

Would it be possible to adjust the amount? That’s easy enough to do! It’s up to you to determine the minimum balance for your account. It can be $500, $1000, or any amount you feel comfortable with.

For example, if your minimum cash balance is set to $500, M1 Finance is waiting for your cash balance to reach $525 before it begins to process your transaction. Your funds are automatically invested on your behalf by them. However, instead of having a zero cash balance, you now have $500.

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