What Savings Accounts Have The Best Interest Rate?

Banks provide savings accounts to help them achieve their profit goals. Because making loans to customers and businesses and collecting interest payments is one of the key ways a bank produces money, they need a steady supply of capital to do so.

The best interest on a nationally available savings account is listed below, a 0.70 percent annual percentage yield (APY). That’s about 12 times the national average of 0.06 percent APY for savings accounts set by the FDIC, and it’s merely one of the best rates in our rankings. 

  • Bask Bank has the best savings account with a 0.70 percent interest rate. 
  • Sallie Mae’s APY Smarty Pig is 0.70 percent. 
  • Affirm APY – 0.65% 0.65 percent 
  • APY Bo has 0.65% APY.
  • USAlliance Financial Credit Union APY is 0.65%. 
  • ConnectOne Bank’s APY is 0.65%. 
  • Axos Bank’s APY is 0.61 percent.

You can get the most out of the money you maintain in a bank or credit union by opening a savings account. While some checking accounts do pay interest, the great majority do not, and those that do pay a pittance.

A savings account allows anyone who has extra money in the bank than they need to fund their checking account’s daily transactions to shift that money to an account that pays a competitive interest rate.

Another advantage of creating a savings account is that it can assist you in organizing your finances based on your needs and objectives. You can use a savings account to store money for an emergency fund or save for a significant financial objective, such as a home purchase or a future vacation. 

You can readily distinguish these monies from what’s accessible in your checking account for monthly expenses and day-to-day expenditures by keeping them separate in a savings account.

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