How To Invest In New Zealand Stock Market?

This website does not allow for the execution of trades; its purpose is to give market information. You must speak with an NZX market participant to begin trading. Participants in NZX markets are accredited by NZX to provide market advice. For a complete list of NZX participants, click here.

Market-Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to get broad exposure to the securities markets.

Like conventional shares, ETFs can be bought and sold on stock markets. The largest 10 or 20 listed businesses on the New Zealand (NZX) and Australian (ASX) stock exchanges, for example, are often included in the portfolio of assets that make up an ETF.

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are available through Smartshares in a variety and are traded on the NZX Main Board similarly to regular shares. You can diversify your risk across a wider range of products, such as listed corporations or corporate bonds, with just one straightforward purchase. 

Managed Assets

By contributing to a managed fund, where your funds are combined with those of other investors and invested by a qualified manager, you can also invest in NZX-listed companies.

Access to a variety of asset types, including cash, fixed interest, real estate, and shares, as well as many industries and nations, can be provided by managed funds. Additionally, managed funds that provide diversity (i.e., a wide variety of various investments) might assist you in spreading your risk out more widely.


An initiative by the government to encourage retirement savings is called KiwiSaver. Visit to find out more about KiwiSaver.

A fully owned subsidiary of NZX Limited called Smartshares Limited is in charge of running the SuperLife KiwiSaver program. Because SuperLife has among the lowest costs on the market, more of the investment profits go into your KiwiSaver account. Along with the freedom to select among 40 investment possibilities, joining SuperLife also gives you access to a “life cycle investment option” that reduces the investment risk of your funds as you get closer to retirement.

Investing information

Online, there are several resources for useful introduction information. The independent Retirement Commission offers details on various investment and saving plans, including some that involve stocks.

Toolkit MyNZX

This website offers a variety of tools you can use to keep an eye on your assets and the market once you start trading, in addition to market prices, announcements, and other important data.

A free MyNZX account allows you to:

  • Get daily emails with market information that is pertinent to you, 
  • Create a watchlists
  • The ability to track the value of your portfolio every day.

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